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Overwhelmed + Overweight?

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019

You can manage your overwhelm + your weight.                                            In fact the issues likely go hand-in-hand.

Are you thinking: Ummm...excuse me Ms Life Coach?  
You have no clue what's on my plate!

You're right.
I don't know what's on your plate.

But if you're feeling overwhelmed + overweight?
Listen up:
Overwhelm is a choice.
A choice that keeps a billion women stuck, overweight and in the crap cycle of exhaustion.

Here's TWO quick tips for you today:

1. What's the advantage of staying overwhelmed?
Sister.  I believe in Jesus and I believe in the devil.
The devil WANTS you overwhelmed and overweight.
It's a fab tactic to keep you down and not doin' your important work in the world.

So choose to break that crap cycle.
ASAP.  Like now.  
Remove words like busy/exhausted/overwhelmed from your vocab.

2.  Choose a different word. NOW.
You know that friend?  We all have one.
Every time you ask her how she is the answer is always...
"Gurrllll I am so busy!"
That gets boring after a while. Aren't you sick of hearing it?

TRUTH BOMB: No one actually wants to hear how busy you are.
So, choose a different word.
Here's a couple my client came up with this morning:

Empowered, Committed, Accomplished, Challenged, Motivated, Focused, Driven, Purposeful.

Have a word at the top of your mind the next time you notice the overwhelm creeping in.
Have a word at the tip of your tongue the next time anyone asks you how you are.

Sometimes change can be just THAT simple...

Change your language first, notice what changes follow.

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Crystal, XO.


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