Here's the most common question women ask me: What are your thoughts on the keto diet?

OK.  I hear you, Sister.

I’ll share my personal + professional experience with a ketogenic diet.  
It’s a bit longer than usual, but do read until the end.  
Reading this will be well worth your time.
There’s lots for you to chew on-

It’s the latest diet on the scene.
It was created in the 1920s to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy in children.

In a real quick, non-science-y nutshell, a classic keto diet is:
   -super-duper high fat (85-90% of your intake is fat)
   -super low carb (20g of carb per day or less)
   -some protein

You must count and track your macros (carb/fat/protein).
The goal is to teach your body how to use fat as energy vs. carbs as energy.
It promises: rapid weight loss, zero hunger, boundless energy + epic mental clarity.

Yup, keto sure is alluring.
Yup, I’ve tried it.

This is my personal experience. 
On keto I… 
  -felt like absolute garbage
  -had no energy to exercise
  -sucked as a Mom/Stepmom
  -gained a couple of pounds  
  -had to eat differently than my kids, which felt dumb
  -hated obsessing over carb content in veggies
  -was grouchy with Blair
  -set myself up for diet/binge cycle I’ve worked so hard to conquer 
  -could not poop for the life of me
  -started obsessing over food again

And you know what, friend?
Most of this is how I’ve felt on every single other diet!
Are you shouting Amen?

I did it right.  I read a lot.  I bought the supplements.  
I tried hard.  In the end-nope.  Not right for me.  
The biggest issue here: it sent me back into diet mentality. 
Trying to eat how “they” told me to brought on binges. 
It also didn’t feel authentic as I’d never tell a client to go keto.  
So, after the last failed effort, I said, Sweet Jesus I got suckered in again. 
But not today.  Not ever again.  
Buh Bye.


With the exception of 1, every single 1:1 client in the past 8 months has gone keto.  
And it worked to help them lose weight.  
But each of them gained it back.  
As in my own experience, it caused them to obsess over food + counting.
AND it led to binge-eating behaviours.  
They came to me overwhelmed, exhausted, confused.
Wondering what they did wrong.

Here’s what they did wrong:
   -keto didn’t get to the root of their issue
   -they didn’t question how God could lead them out of their struggle
   -like me, they just went on another crappy diet with false promises and fancy scientific studies

CAVEAT: this is not to bash the keto diet, or any diet for that matter.
If you’ve had success and THIS is what you wanna do with eating for the rest of your life…rock on with it.  
I’m legit thrilled you’ve found something that works for you.  

If you can figure out your macros and make it through the induction phase?
Going keto will help you lose weight.
Also you can restrict yourself to 1200 calories.
Counting and sticking to your weight watchers points? 
Yup that’ll work too.

I lost weight fastest the time I made up this diet: 
Eat nothing. Drink only coffee with splenda + diet soda.  
Yup.  It sure did work.

Juice fasts work too.
Or you can eat very little and work out like a maniac.  
That'll likely work too.

What is the cost of losing weight this way?
Does this way of eating give you more energy, or less?
Can you imagine eating this way when you’re 78 years old?
Are you losing weight with peace, feeling nourished? 
What message about food and weight are you sending to your children?

I urge you to consider these questions if you want to diet-
regardless of the name of the diet.

If you feel so messed up and turned around when it comes to eating.
And you feel like you’ve tried it all?
I’ve helped many women just like you.
It’s time to drop the struggle.
It’s totally possible.
Start by scheduling a consult call with me here.

With a Ton of Love, Compassion + Respect,

Crystal, XO.