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When all you want is food

Hey Sister-

If you're stuck in the middle of emotional + binge eating...
I got your back, Girl.

I know you're beyond tired of those Outta Nowhere cravings for food.

This happened to me yesterday.
I had a crappy meeting at my bank.
Driving out of the parking lot, here were my thoughts:

​I want some donuts.
I have time to pick up some.
No one will know.
​I can eat them all before I pick up Thor from school.
I can start over tomorrow. #classic

These cravings are just an ALARM.

Something is off in your world.
It manifests as an Outta Nowhere craving to eat.
You have a choice.

CHOICE 1: Eat.
Eating a problem doesn't solve it, it makes it worse.
When the 6-pack is gone, you still have the problem...
plus guilt, shame + a sore belly.

CHOICE 2: Welcome the alarm.  Inquire.
Oh hey craving for donuts....
What needs my attention?
What am I actually craving?

Alarms call you for all sorts of reasons.  

Maybe you need to:
-ask for help with the kids
-make that uncomfortable call to your aunt
-spend some time alone
-get something organized 
-spend more time with friends
-ask your husband for help with the budget (ME)
-finish that annoying report at work
-follow your creative desires
-sit and silence and read

If hunger isn't the problem, is never  the solution.

Instead of getting upset with your Outta Nowhere cravings?
Welcome them.
Oh hey alarm...what are you calling me to today?

Ask God to show you what you really need.
Pay attention to what comes to mind.
If you don't know for sure, take your best guess.
And then take 1 small step in that direction.

In time it gets easier to pinpoint the problem.
To turn away from food.
To turn to God.
And deal with the problem at hand.
Try it.

You got this. 

With Love,
Crystal, XO.


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