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You a dieter? Here's a question for ya.

Hey Sister-

What are you really, really, like really craving?
Do you know the answer?

I see you rolling your eyes at me, Girl.
Hang tight.
This will relate to your weight struggles shortly.

Women go off and on diets approximately a trillion times per second.*

The obvious answer = to lose weight.
The not-so-obvious answer = they're craving something deeper...

Something a crappy, restrictive diet will never give them.
Something that not even being at their natural weight will give them.

Diets are simply a distraction.
When you're on a diet you have something to obsess about.
Whether you're happy, mad, sad or glad...
You've got something to fill your mind with.  

You also have something to fill your free time with.
You can count all your calories/macros/points/grams.
And then...

You can "fall off the wagon" + spend your time bingeing.
You can spend the next several weeks dieting again to atone for the binge.
Until you can't handle it anymore and it's time to binge again.
Do you see the cycle?

You can do all these things and waste a billion pounds of your precious brain space.
And the time God has given you on earth.

When you tell yourself that as soon as you lose this weight you'll do: XYZ-
You never have to face the fear of actually doing XYZ.
Because your weight is your excuse for never actually stepping out.

Here's one super simple question for you to think about today.
Grab a pen.
Invite your imagination to the party.
Set your phone timer for 2 minutes.
Answer the question below.  
Do not edit what comes to you.

If it was impossible for me to diet, obsess about my body and my weight ever again,
I would...

What's your answer, Sister?

That answer is a big ol' fat, red-hot clue.
A clue to what you're missing out on in this life.

A clue to what you're actually craving that has nothing 
A clue to what could fill the space the diet/binge cycle is filling.

Take one simple step towards your answer this week.
Regardless of your size.

The world isn't waiting for you to lose weight.
The world is waiting for that special gift that only you have.
~Marie Forleo

If you have no idea where to start-give yourself the gift of 10 minutes to renew your mind and prioritize your day.  I've created the perfect morning 1-pager for you.  Go ahead and download it here.

With So Much Love,
Crystal, XO.

(*OK.  I admit it. I made that stat up)


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