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You a dieter? Here's a question for ya.

Hey Sister-

What are you really, really, like really craving?
Do you know the answer?

I see you rolling your eyes at me, Girl.
Hang tight.
This will relate to your weight struggles shortly.

Women go off and on diets approximately a trillion times per second.*

The obvious answer = to lose weight.
The not-so-obvious answer = they're craving something deeper...

Something a crappy, restrictive diet will never give them.
Something that not even being at their natural weight will give them.

Diets are simply a distraction.
When you're on a diet you have something to obsess about.
Whether you're happy, mad, sad or glad...
You've got something to fill your mind with.  

You also have something to fill your free time with.
You can count all your calories/macros/points/grams.
And then...

You can "fall off the wagon" + spend your time bingeing.
You can spend the next several weeks dieting again to atone for the binge.
Until you can't handle it anymore and it's time to binge again.
Do you see the cycle?


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