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End of the Week Suck-I-Tis

Do you know what End-of-the-Week Suck-Itis is?
EOTWS is a real thing.
Lemme show you what it is, why it happens and give you the cure.

The Story of EOTWS 

Monday begins beautifully.
You've got your new plan, your groceries, your lists.
You're losing 5 pounds this week.
You sail through Monday.
Yes!  Finally a plan that works...
And you're only a little hungry.

You do your naked weigh in Tuesday morning.
Thank you Jesus.  
You've lost 1 pound!
It's Tuesday noon, you confidently cruise past the lunch room donuts...
Nope.  Not today, Suckers.
You've got your plan.

Tuesday night the kids need homework help.
You forgot it's your turn for carpool.
It's 11:28pm and you're still gluing macaroni to poster board.
You're so hungry you could eat the macaroni.
You have one little off-plan snack...
That's OK.  T'was tiny.
No biggeeeee.

You hit snooze 8 times Wednesday morning.
You rush the kids to school, cereal bars in hand.
Verging on late, you rush into work.
Your boss asks where...

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