How to Never Eat Bad Food Again

I've been so good lately: I haven't eaten dessert for two weeks.

I've been so bad lately:  I've eaten dessert everyday for two weeks.

When's the last time you referred to yourself as either "good" or "bad" based on what YOU ate, Sister?  If it's're not alone.  

Most women accept it as fact that there's good food and bad food.

Brace yourself to blow this idea up today.

You're used to talking about good and bad food because the diet industry created the idea that they exist.

Problem #1: the good food/bad food list changes almost weekly, depending on the Diet du Jour.  

Problem #2: when you attach a moral judgment to food, by association, you are saying that YOU are good or bad, depending on what you eat.

This is not true.  WHAT you eat has nothing to do with how awesome of a woman you are.  #truth

Also, the creator of the Diet du Jour has no idea what actually makes YOUR BODY FEEL GOOD.


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