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When all you want is food

Hey Sister-

If you're stuck in the middle of emotional + binge eating...
I got your back, Girl.

I know you're beyond tired of those Outta Nowhere cravings for food.

This happened to me yesterday.
I had a crappy meeting at my bank.
Driving out of the parking lot, here were my thoughts:

I want some donuts.
I have time to pick up some.
No one will know.
I can eat them all before I pick up Thor from school.
I can start over tomorrow. #classic

These cravings are just an ALARM.

Something is off in your world.
It manifests as an Outta Nowhere craving to eat.
You have a choice.

CHOICE 1: Eat.
Eating a problem doesn't solve it, it makes it worse.
When the 6-pack is gone, you still have the problem...
plus guilt, shame + a sore belly.

CHOICE 2: Welcome the alarm.  Inquire.
Oh hey craving for donuts....
What needs my attention?
What am I actually craving?

Alarms call you for all sorts of reasons.  

Maybe you need to:
-ask for help with the kids
-make that uncomfortable call to your aunt
-spend some...

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