Moderator or Abstainer?

A quick question for you, Sister.

Can you eat one piece of chocolate?

Can you? I can’t.

Programs built around the idea of "moderation"-such as Weight Watchers- have told us that we should be able to eat whatever we want: in moderation.
One piece of chocolate, 5 bites of cake, a handful of chips.
Moderation is the golden ticket to all things.
This idea makes perfect sense on a logical level.

Problem. Moderation doesn't work for many women.

For me the “anything I wanted” usually showed up in the form of cake.  Whole ones.
I tried to follow popular advice. 
I ordered cake when I felt like some (I always felt like some).
I waited for my body to tell me I’d had enough (I never did get enough).
I just couldn’t eat half a chocolate bar and leave the rest for a rainy day…like my sister, like my BFF could.  
I believed there was something very, very wrong with me.  
I attributed my failure to moderate to being, “a fat...

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