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Why self-help books ain't helping you

Are you a self-help junkie?

Are your shelves brimming with books from all present + past self-help gurus-
The ones that promised to transform every area of your life in 5 easy steps?
You know the ones I'm talking about, right?

Here's a tough question for you, Sister:
Has your collection of books healed your weight struggle?

Because if you're super duper honest with yourself...
THIS is what you're looking for in the pages of those books:
The answer to why you can't stop overeating Tuesday-Sunday and starting over every Monday.

(even if the books aren't technically weight-loss focused)

Listen.  Self-help books are all fine + dandy.
I've literally read hundreds of them.
I was reading one just yesterday.
I'll tell you the problem with them shortly.
But first-

There are two things that almost every self-help guru will tell you to do:
-change your mindset
-wake up early 
Their methodologies will differ, but these two points WILL BE IN THE BOOK.

For today-let's focus on mindset.

Any of your...

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