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You a dieter? Here's a question for ya.

Hey Sister-

What are you really, really, like really craving?
Do you know the answer?

I see you rolling your eyes at me, Girl.
Hang tight.
This will relate to your weight struggles shortly.

Women go off and on diets approximately a trillion times per second.*

The obvious answer = to lose weight.
The not-so-obvious answer = they're craving something deeper...

Something a crappy, restrictive diet will never give them.
Something that not even being at their natural weight will give them.

Diets are simply a distraction.
When you're on a diet you have something to obsess about.
Whether you're happy, mad, sad or glad...
You've got something to fill your mind with.  

You also have something to fill your free time with.
You can count all your calories/macros/points/grams.
And then...

You can "fall off the wagon" + spend your time bingeing.
You can spend the next several weeks dieting again to atone for the binge.
Until you can't handle it anymore and it's time to binge again.
Do you see the cycle?


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When all you want is food

Hey Sister-

If you're stuck in the middle of emotional + binge eating...
I got your back, Girl.

I know you're beyond tired of those Outta Nowhere cravings for food.

This happened to me yesterday.
I had a crappy meeting at my bank.
Driving out of the parking lot, here were my thoughts:

I want some donuts.
I have time to pick up some.
No one will know.
I can eat them all before I pick up Thor from school.
I can start over tomorrow. #classic

These cravings are just an ALARM.

Something is off in your world.
It manifests as an Outta Nowhere craving to eat.
You have a choice.

CHOICE 1: Eat.
Eating a problem doesn't solve it, it makes it worse.
When the 6-pack is gone, you still have the problem...
plus guilt, shame + a sore belly.

CHOICE 2: Welcome the alarm.  Inquire.
Oh hey craving for donuts....
What needs my attention?
What am I actually craving?

Alarms call you for all sorts of reasons.  

Maybe you need to:
-ask for help with the kids
-make that uncomfortable call to your aunt
-spend some...

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Moderator or Abstainer?

A quick question for you, Sister.

Can you eat one piece of chocolate?

Can you? I can’t.

Programs built around the idea of "moderation"-such as Weight Watchers- have told us that we should be able to eat whatever we want: in moderation.
One piece of chocolate, 5 bites of cake, a handful of chips.
Moderation is the golden ticket to all things.
This idea makes perfect sense on a logical level.

Problem. Moderation doesn't work for many women.

For me the “anything I wanted” usually showed up in the form of cake.  Whole ones.
I tried to follow popular advice. 
I ordered cake when I felt like some (I always felt like some).
I waited for my body to tell me I’d had enough (I never did get enough).
I just couldn’t eat half a chocolate bar and leave the rest for a rainy day…like my sister, like my BFF could.  
I believed there was something very, very wrong with me.  
I attributed my failure to moderate to being, “a fat...

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