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Meet Crystal

Hi, I'm Crystal.  I'm a Christian Weight Coach rocking it out in a little-known city in the middle of Canada. I can show you how to ditch your weight struggles with faith, fun + sanity.  I've served women around the world.  And now?


BECAUSE you know God needs to get on your Weight Loss Squad + you’re ready finally hand over your struggle to Him

BECAUSE you’re sick and tired of whittling your life away obsessed with food + crappy diets that apparently work for everyone else except you

BECAUSE you’re ready for a whole-life makeover so that you can drop the weight for good + laugh without fear of the future (or future weight gain)


So Sister – I know exactly where you’re at.

I’ve been a scared-to-death new mom desperate for a divorce. I’ve been that woman who looked like she had it all together, all day long. And at night? You’d find me hiding, alone and ashamed in my dimly lit basement with an empty pint of Haagen Daaz in one hand and an empty family-sized bag of soft cheesies in the other.

I was embarrassed of my body, had only 2 outfits that fit and spent all of my free time hiding in front of Netflix.

In 2012, I paid $15,000 to countless coaches and therapists to fix my eating issues. They only got me so far.


You know what got me all the way to the end, rocking this life clothed in strength + dignity? Letting God have a say in my life-long weight struggles. And now I’ve created for you what would've solved all my problems back then. I got your back with all the God-centred tools you need to catapult you off your seat on your dramatic diet rollercoaster.


BEST PART: You can work with me without leaving your home. OR.  You can fly yourself to Winnipeg to work with me in person. You get yourself here. I'll look after everything else for you. Your place or mine?  The choice is yours, Sister.  Schedule a call here to discuss which is the best option for you.

In no particular oder, here are 16 Fun Facts for you. Because fun is important. NOTE: You can have fun in your weight-loss journey.

  1. I began my career as a high school teacher. I hated every minute of it and called in “sick” as many days as I could.
  2. I sold a drug for erectile dysfunction when I quit teaching. I’m still haunted by saying, works fast, lasts long so the couple can be ready.
  3. I still struggle some days to accept I’m naturally a size M instead of a size XS.
  4. I’ve always been cool; I brought my Fisher Price ghetto blaster to school so I could blast Quiet Riot for my friends at recess.
  5. I’m a proud mom of 1, stepmom to 3, wife and ex-wife.  With God’s grace, happy blended families are possible
  6. I met my Forever Husband, Blair in Grade 9: he had a mullet, I had a sister set us up on a date 25 years later.  We married within a year.
  7. I grew up on a farm and I still don’t know what a combine does.
  8. I belonged to a traveling improv troupe when I was 19. Acute appendicitis ended my illustrious acting career
  9. I heart wiener dogs. Mine is Derek, he pees when he’s anxious.
  10. I obsess over music. When I find a song I love I listen to it on repeat, sometimes for days on end.
  11. I’m easily distracted. I use all kinds of tricks, alarms and post-it notes to maintain focus for more than 3.5 minutes at a time.
  12. I remember making food and exercise charts when I was 5.
  13. I once forced myself to run marathons thinking this would finally make me skinny. Didn’t work.
  14. I worked at the first Applebee’s in Canada in 1995.  I was super cool in my striped rugby shirt and khaki pants. I met my BFF, Carla, working there.
  15. Circa 2005 I had an obsession with pant suits because I thought that’s what smart, successful, serious women wore. I do not currently own any pants suits.
  16. I’m obsessed with my job – it took me way too long to come out as a Christian Weight Coach…because….really? Who am I? I don’t have whole chapters of Scripture memorized, I only went to Bible College for a year. But I know this is my calling and my life’s work and that God equips me everyday to walk with women in victory over their weight struggles.  Wanna know if we're a good fit?  Met too.  Let's schedule a quick chat here.

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